Kamloops has a new problem; shortly after the community rallied together to toss out a government backed private corporation owned incinerator that planned to burn ten thousand chemically saturated railway ties a day within city limits, [to burn chemically saturated wood anywhere is criminal], someone in high places decided that a huge open pit mine on the edge of the city would be a great idea. 

So now there is a growing conflict that is ripening between the brainless bought and bribed supporters and the grass roots commonsense members of the community as the community awaits official biased government “science” that will open “legal” loopholes that allow the unregulated corporation to strip-mine a section of our community for pennies on the dollar. 

Allow me to explain; I call those who eagerly accept the mine without question “brainless” because they don’t bother to use their brain, and “bought and bribed” because they are only thinking of their pockets and all the pretty toys they will buy with the “30 pieces of silver”

extremism is not cool, thus one must also not blindly jump on the “commonsense” bandwagon without using some of that precious commonsense ourselves. A proper evaluation and decisions made based on the facts, perhaps a compromise on both sides is attainable, perhaps not, but we must look at the facts and issues. 

I preferred to take the position of “conditionally accepting” an offer after careful examination of the facts. 

the issues I see are as follows;

1) pollution from the mine; 
     -a) air pollution- useless government only measures particulate 2.5 while the real story is in   
         the nano-toxins of .025 which of course no one is talking about-white elephant in the room
         What this means is the 2.5 readings the government is so happy to provide you with only  
         identifies that there is indeed heavy pollution that can be seen with the naked eye but NOT 
         able to identify the compound, whereas .025 readings identify what is not visible to the 
         naked eye PLUS it identifies the toxins and compounds and can pin point what and where 
         it came from. Prince George had tests done in the .025 range and found 19 times over the   
         legal limit of formaldehyde in the middle of summer in down town PG. 
     -b) sound pollution- constant heavy equipment, blasting, trucks and traffic noise 24/7/365

     -c) sight pollution- tearing away at the natural mountains, huge mountains of toxic tailings

     -d) water pollution- with lakes and streams that drain into the river within a stones throw 
           of the mine it doesn’t take a PhD to figure out that some amount of pollution is going to
           find its way into water tables, the question is how much. 
       -e) revenue sharing- if when and on what scale the mine is approved, consideration must be              given both to members of the community but also to everyone. government on all levels                must give full disclosure of both income and tax shelters; all to often the devil is in the                  details and these corporations pad pockets during election in return for tax shelter          
            legislation. Sale of BC rail is a prime example- a corporation paid a billion in cash for  
            equipment and contracts that cost taxpayers billions then to top it off the corporation   
            was given a billion in tax shelters so in actuality, taxpayers paid to have BC rail stripped. 

Now to mitigate these issues there needs to be some obvious discussions with full disclosure given by the corporation who is recognized as a “legal” “person” with the same rights and duties as your or I-[natural persons].

Question; what are you and I forced to have at gun point? 

Answer; a licence [business/drivers] to prove you are competent and not a risk to harm  
              members of the public, also you are require insurance to indemnify your actions in  
              case your actions harm members of the public and a “bond” to pay for  any breach of  
              contracts [promises you made]. 

so I think my number one question would be to the AJAX “person” is; where is your license and what kind of insurance do you have, [who is your provider and what coverage’s do they indemnify] ;what kind of a bond are you putting up in the event you breach your contract by saying one thing now but later make excuses for not keeping your word?

another way to put this into perspective is; we live in the richest country in the world per capita, yet cost of food housing electricity gas and transportation is so extreme that we end up being mindless slaves to corporations, happy to do their bidding on our backs in exchange for a comfortable life, hoping like hell you don’t get cancer or some other degenerating disease along the way, though chances are you will because the saturation of our environment with industrial disease is growing more common day by day…. 
….except not everyone gets a slack job with better than average paying wage at a multinational corporation strip mining the earth for mere profit; many don’t and can’t afford to pay half a million for a home, or the grand a month it costs to maintain it today. seniors and “working poor” on fixed income pensions/wages have less and less buying power as things like electricity jump 10% and their pension/wages increase only 1%; its a vicious cycle that is destroying society, all made legal by bureaucrats and politicians who have removed God and God’s laws, making themselves gods; only they are gods with the mentality of a five year old playing with a loaded gun in a crowded room; their knowledge and foresight is but a pin-prick on the ass of an elephant compared to God’s. The result of their poor choices effect untold numbers for generations to come both financially and physically. 

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