Engineering Ignornce

All aspects of government offices have manifested into bureaucrats that of which consisting of  procedures as their main objective; not problem solving. Once more they have adapted to achieving the goal of  procedural quagmire as laid out by a textbook through the inception of  “positive laws” (the exscuse given for the law is that it is for safety) Engineering offices within all governments are no exception. Ignorance really is a virtue to these guys….It boggles the mind how some one who is suppose to be so smart and educated  does things so ignorant. I can see a trend in Kamloops, the developer has free rang to do what ever they feel necessary to market their developments. Traffic lights are being thrown up at every corner, some intersections have been redesigned costing millions like the Westsyde/Batchelor  intersection, Westsyde road has 20 times more traffic. A perfect example, not one major accident in that intersection yet engineer’s tor it up and redesigned it so every person has to come to a stop just about every time, why? The only reason I can see is to benefit the development in Batchelor Heights. There have been lights installed far to often, like why were lights put on the highway, They should be working to remove lights, there should be a law against lights on highways.We hear all sorts of talk of useless  expensive over passes for pedestrians but if there was any vision they would be thinking of replacing heavy use traffic lights with overpasses, o project that could make a real difference in environment, safety, and ease of movement.

There are literally hundreds of other intersection in the area that don’t use lights. Places like Dallas or Pritchard who’s communities have thousands of people have no lights. The Dallas over pass is exactly what should be on every major intersection on the highway. The trailer park just up the road from Orchard park which has more people has not any lights at their intersection.That very intersection just up the road is exactly the right system with a long off ram and on ramp to assist with increasing and reducing speed safely. It’s really a shame, the Romans and Egyptions built amazing social structures  even by today’s standards while these modern day morons today grow more ignorant by the day. update may 2010:  
ACC corporation has all the green lights to go ahead with chipping and incinerating  of toxic railway ties, though apparently from the feedback ACC and MOE received at a public inquiry earlier of this year, ACC has voluntarily decide to relocate. The grass roots people are happy, and I have to admit I am a little relieved, though this is not the end. 

ACC is just going to pick up and move down the valley a few hundred miles, they still have their permit to operate any where in BC and still get to keep the millions in taxpayers money they have collected under the clean energy bill. I picked up a copy of the permit from MOE (unfortunately to late to protest it), and the very first line in it says; “to operate a bioenergy generator” so I went to this public forum, and stood up and pointed out that rail way ties are soaked in creosote made from fossil fuels, and asked how in the hell MOE considered fossil fuel creosote bio? wood is bio, but the creosote is made from the left overs of crude oil. So the corporations came up with using it to treat wood with to make it last longer, 

Chipping and burning railway ties process sends toxic dust and fumes into the air, this stuff travels in the wind, falls with the rain and doesn’t break down for a long time ending up in the water table and effecting many for thousands of miles around. 

Chipping and burning railway ties in any place on earth is wrong and should not be done anywhere, so I will continue the fight to stop the corporations such as ACC and the government from being unaccountable. There have been evidence that the government is covering up air quality tests as a story broke in the media of an instance of the BC Liberals hiding the airquality tests done in PrinceGearge showing the air was far beyond the safe levels . The question came to mind; has Kamloops been tested and if so, what were the results. The plain fact of the mater is all parts of the province, Canada, and the world need standardized tests of the air done by independent testers….but if this were done all corporations would have to clean up their emissions,( its easily done by sending exhaust through a reburn system for mills) quite burning toxic chemicals and clean up mills that pollute year round.

Then it dawned on me, creosote treatment is not the only use of the left over tar. 
It is the left over sludge from crude oil after the fuelgrades and plastics are boiled off, and it needs to be used for something. So this tar that is a toxic gue that gets turned into a market to make money and profits while dealing with an environmental disaster, ends up they hide it under our noses and say its safe. 

Wood on the other hand, they say is unsafe, God forbid if you have cedar shingle  roof..they call you crazy and insurance companies won’t touch you. Gasoline as it turns out is a byproduct, that is why they build gas guzzlers, plastics and fuel for the military are the real demand. Plastic has yet to peak, as it continues to grow more uses for it….this year they are making fences and shops out of plastics…all in a time when hear in BC,forest industry is going tits up?

The insanity of humanity continues…stay tuned for the ride of your life

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